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Now that leaders have reams of data, why aren’t they making better decisions?


Because they either denounce the data and trust their gut or they find out too late that perfect data doesn’t lead to perfect decisions. Instead, what leads to a great decision is a balance of information and intuition.

DECISIONS OVER DECIMALS: Striking the Balance Between Intuition and Information provides a roadmap for effective decision making that calls for human intuition to join forces with data instead of replacing it.

The authors have combined theory and practice to design a framework and a set of tools which we call Quantitative Intuition to blend information, intuition, and experience for better outcomes.  

DECISIONS OVER DECIMALS introduces a fresh approach for making better decisions amid today’s rising uncertainty. Quantitative Intuition — the combination of data and analytics with intuition — might sound like an oxymoron but is actually the key to effective decision-making. 

Decisions are made by leader and balanced thinking. To that point, Quantitative Intuition topples conventional wisdom that you need to be a numbers whiz to make sound, fact-based decisions.


Quantitative Intuition defined ...

The ability to make decisions with incomplete information via precision questioning, contextual analysis and synthesis to see the situation as a whole. 


 - Frank, Magnone & Netzer

Quantitative Intuition™ (QI), the IWIK™ Knowledge Framework and other techniques in Decisions Over Decimals raise the power of thinking beyond big data without neglecting it to drive confident, accurate decision-making in the moments that matter. 

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” 


- Albert Einstein

(per Bob Samples, 1976)

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