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DECISIONS OVER DECIMALS and the key methods of Quantitative Intuition™ and the IWIK™ Knowledge Matrix enable you to address readiness and opportunity; logical and non-linear thinking; theory and application. 

This is the basis of the Frank/Magnone/Netzer collaboration.  Years of debate and discovery about the real value of analytics and the science of decision making forged a common view that bridges leading thinking and actionable application. 

Our Quantitative Intuition™ perspective is born from our time with start-ups, in academia, and working on the front-lines of some of the world’s iconic brands -- Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Deloitte, and American Express -- digging in to the realities of the role analytics plays in developing strong, unique and lasting growth strategies. We identified a gap between the wealth of information available to the C-suite and the hunger to stimulate fresh strategic thinking based on sharp insights.  

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